Diabetic Shoes

Who is eligible for Insurance coverage for Shoes?

  • ‍Patient diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus and at least one qualifying foot condition
  • ‍Medicaid patients with at least one qualifying foot condition

What is a diabetic patient eligible for each year?

  • ‍1 pair of diabetic shoes
  • ‍3 pair of diabetic inserts

What is a Medicaid patient eligible for each year?

  • 2 pair of therapeutic shoes
  • ‍2 pair of heat moldable or custom inserts

What are the qualifying conditions that a patient must meet in order to be eligible?

  • Poor Circulation
  • ‍Foot deformity such as hammertoes, bunions etc.
  • ‍Previous foot ulceration
  • ‍History of pre-ulcerative callus
  • ‍Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation
  • ‍Partial or complete amputation of the foot

Insurances we provide

  • Medicare
  • ‍Medicaid
  • ‍Independent Health
  • ‍Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • ‍Univera
  • ‍Other private insurances accepted

Shoe Manufacturers (Pictures of Shoes)

  • Drew
  • ‍Mt. Emey
  • ‍Orthofeet
  • ‍Dr. Comfort
  • ‍Apex
  • ‍P.W. Minor

Services we provide (About Us)

  • ‍Certified Fitters on Staff
  • ‍In Home Fitting Service
  • ‍Custom Molded Shoes
  • ‍Free Foot Screening
  • ‍Large Selection of Quality Footwear
  • ‍Certified Pedorthist on staff
  • ‍Shoe Clinics for Skilled Nursing/Assisted Living Facilities
  • ‍Fitting and re-evaluation of footwear
  • Accommodate severe abnormalities or deformities
  • Assessment of patient eligibility 

What is a diabetic shoe?

  • A shoe with a deep toe box that is wider and rounded at the toe to accommodate forefoot deformities.
  • ‍Available in widths ranging from Narrow – 14 XW to fit wide and swollen feet.
  • ‍Soft, non-abrasive lining that is typically seamless, breathable, and anti-bacterial.

What is a diabetic insert?/ Custom Insert?

  • Diabetic Insert - lightweight, resilient, designed to alleviate foot pain related to diabetes and arthritis. Used to cushion the foot and absorb shock and fit comfortably regardless of the patient’s footwear style.
  • Custom Insert–molded to match the contours specific to the patient’s foot and the way they move.
  • ‍We will work to provide a proper fitting insert based on the patient’s needs, to help prevent skin breakdown or other foot deformities.

Benefits of proper fitting diabetic/Therapeutic Footwear

  • Assist in Fall Prevention‍
  • ‍Can help prevent foot injuries and complications, while improving mobility.

Is a Shoe clinic right for your facility? Do all of your patients have proper footwear? 

  • ‍Alden Medical provides scheduled shoe clinic evaluation for many facilities in WNY. All patients can be seen and evaluated to best suit their footwear needs.
  • ‍Able to custom design a clinic to best fit the needs of a facility of any size
  • ‍We will provide a detailed analysis of what patients are eligible for insurance coverage, prior to the scheduled clinic date