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Elderly Patients

Like many things from the past, we’re built to last, but some things stop working so well after time. Knees grow weak with age, gallons of milk seem to get heavier and we don’t move as fluidly as we once did.

At Alden Medical Supply, you are more than the sum of your prescriptions. You’re a photographer with a bum leg. You’re a dancer who uses insulin. You’re whoever you want to be. When you visit Alden Medical Supply, we’ll make sure you get the supplies you need to carry on with what drives you to be you.

If you’re incapable of picking up your orders, our free delivery and fitting service will come to your home to service all your medical supply needs. We’re here to make your daily life a little easier. You’ve put in the time, now let us help you out.

To make an appointment with one of our equipment fitters or to speak to someone at our store, call us at (716)937-1720.

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